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"Reemerge" Blaklist Fingerboard

Born from the ashes, the Phoenix rises again.

Now with Real Wear, Heat Transferred Graphics, Like a full size skateboard!

The original "Reemerge" painting is 137cm (4.5") X 76cm (2.5") Acrylic Painting by Blaklist Co-Owner, Tom Martinez Jr. Hand crafted by Blaklist Co-Owner, Ryan Urdiales, This is a 5ply Blood Orange deck with a signature Rosewood center ply, stamped with the official Blaklist seal on the top ply.

All boards come with a sheet of Kung-Fu Grip and some stickers


CLASSIC is the ORIGINAL shape for a smooth and amazing pop (33mm x 98mm)

BOLD has STEEPER CONCAVE for the more tech feel (33mm x 97mm)

**Allow up to 7 days for shipping