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Blaklist Zip Up Hoodies


The super comfortable Blaklist zip-up hoody is perfect for traveling to the next Fingerboard event! The Brushed Blaklist Logo on the front left and the Arched Blaklist name on the back!

Comfortable and portable.
52% Cotton / 48% Polyester
Wash in cold water, garment with slightly shrink with regular washes. Tom usually wears an American Apparel Medium and is comfortable in a Blaklist Large Zip-Up hoody.

  • Black SMALL Zip-Up Hoodie Sold Out
  • Black MEDIUM Zip-Up Hoodie 100%
  • Black LARGE Zip-Up Hoodie 100%
  • Black X-LARGE Zip-Up Hoodie 100%
  • Black 2X-Large Zip-Up Hoodie Sold Out
  • Dark Grey LARGE Zip-Up Hoodie 100%
  • Dark Grey X-LARGE Zip-Up Hoodie Sold Out