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Escorpio ORANGE Lucha Wheels

$30.00 / Coming Soon

"Escorpio" ORANGE Fingerboard Wheels

Set of 4, Single Bearing Wheels

Poured and Shaped by hand in California.

Lucha Grip No-Slip USA Bearings.

75D Urethane Wheels.

Comes with:
1 sheet Sponsor Me Tape V2

Lucha Wheels are made from hand poured Urethane is a 75D, or Durometer, rating. We researched and developed these wheels with the right formula that we wanted in a wheel. Deciding on the right amount of control and "feel" for this measurement led us through months of trial and error.
The Hand lathed shape was a goal of ours, the right amount of love and attention has been given to every wheel and bearing. Lucha Wheels are the right hardness for great control in parks or on the street, and made completely in the USA.
"Lucha Grip" No-slip bearings are made in the USA and are designed to sit well on any Fingerboard trucks. You can shred these things all day and not have to worry about your bearing slipping out of the Urethane wheel.