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The Gaslighter was a music venue that Ryan and Tom grew up rocking out in! At 16 years old, Ryan and Tom's band Pyracy got booked to open up for a band from Vacaville named Papa Roach. Since that first show, playing music and promoting the local music scene was life. Making home made flyers, copying them at the local copy store, passing them out at school, and getting a buzz going for those shows has turned into a passion to support artists. For those who are extra savy with rock music will recognize the typeface used in this graphic. Bad Brains has shaped Tom and Ryan's favorite bands along with energizing skaters everywhere! For those about to rock, we salute you!

Now with Real Wear, Heat Transferred Graphics, Like a full size skateboard!


CLASSIC is the ORIGINAL shape for a smooth and amazing pop (33mm x 98mm)

BOLD has STEEPER CONCAVE for the more tech feel (33mm x 97mm)

  • CLASSIC shape (33mm x 98mm) Sold Out
  • BOLD shape (33mm x 97mm) Sold Out
  • BOLD Shape (33.5x97) 100%