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SHRED Fingerboard Magazine Issue 3 (COLOR)


SHRED Fingerboard Magazine

Issue 3 | Volume 1
Color Copies

ISSUE #3 Explores the ins and outs of organizing fingerboard events in your community. Learn from the top event organizers in the world and read some stories about fingerboarding events from this year. Shred Homies with Chris from Beastpants and Christian from Kalye. This is the FIRST EDITION of this ISSUE #3.

Shred Fingerboard Magazine is the Fingerboard magazine made by Fingerboarder by Fingerboarders. Black and White copies will be available for free at events in Black and White for free, while color cpies will keep the train rolling. All money made by the color copies will be put back into promoting events, making prints for events and overall supporting the worldwide fingerboard community. 16 pages of Fingerboarding in COLOR!

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